sunset and white cage

the weather in amsterdam has been nice in the last three days. i cant tell you how much i have missed such weather. the ones living in the northern hemisphere must understand what i feel. sunshine, nice blue sky, warm temperature, what else could be better than that?

im now enjoying this spectacular view across the street from our new housing, or the so-called white cage. well, the nickname implies the picture of the building itself i believe. white, small cage, and expensive place for students. lucky enough i only need to live there for 5 more months. and then im done here. the place has been built for like about half a year now. an initial plan was to move in to that building at the beginning of february. but, too bad, the day before the actualy date, the plan was canceled. and now i heard that the developer had scheduled us to move in on february 21. urghhh … i dont know if the plan will go on. i still hope for the best *that the building wont be ready in time*, but prepare for the worst *having to move in 10 days time*.

well, see you in next post. i got a report to finish now.


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