end of a tenure

the end of my ESN board tenure finally arrived. it was eventually the time to call it a day, after holding the position as a buddy manager for a year.

it was a year full of experience though. i still could remember when we (me, jen, and lenny) met together for the very first time to start this organization. there were the three of us meeting in a cafe without having an office, phones, mentors, let alone mentees. to be frank, i had even no idea on what and how this organization would evolve to. i gave myself a go to involve in it, nonetheless.

a year after, there we were, the five of us (jen, len, roxane, lisanne, and I) marking the end of our board tenure. i was proud of ourselves and what we did in the past. we got many activities in our on-going history, 50 mentors, and more than 120 mentees. those were quite achivement for a new student organization like us.

we also looked forward though. that was the reason to recruit new board members to succeed us. there were three of them in the pic. they were rosa, danitsja, and shirley (the two boys on the left side were exchange students – from finland and hungary). these girls would start their responsibilities in the first week of february. looked like our board was lacking of male touch though.

finally, this pic showed our last big event; the introduction day for february exchange students. we were in Escape Lounge having a good time together with 40 mentees and new board members of ESN. it was fun, as implied in the pic.


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