january ’08

hey hey hey …

first post in 2008. it started differently from the previous years. i spent the first day with my friends in amsterdam and then diemen.

the day after, i left for paris with some other friends. we were there for three days, visiting many places (eiffel, louvre, notredame, jardin de luxembourg, d’orsay, moulin rouge – see picture – and more …) it was a nice trip indeed. this trip seemed to be an opening for a series of vacation around europe in the coming months.

and now, im only 25 weeks away from finishing this study. isn’t it wonderful? 3.5 years flew so fast. i can still remember the very first day when my feet stepped in to this cold and windy country.

well o well. i only need to finish my current project and final dissertation and then im done. yay. another quest has been waiting for me though. a journey to the world of professionalism in a real world. i cant wait for that. but first, i need to finish this final dissertation proposal. so, see you in next post.



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