in less than 24 hours, i will move on to 2008. wauw!!! i can still remember what happened about a year ago.

i just want to recap what happened during the last 365 days. in short, 2007 was a year full of turmoil. ups and downs. wounds. blessings. it was more colorful *sadly also more hurtful* than 2006.

i twice lost my world. first was in the beginning of this year. and the second one was a few days ago.

i met someone special, although quicky losing her. i went to indonesia for the first time after 3 years and 3 months. too bad, this was one of the triggers for me to lose her. but, i met my mom again. that was great.

and now here i am, behind my pc, typing this post. im going to paris the day after tomorrow. hope that will be a nice holiday and a memorable one.

in about 6.5 months from now, i will graduate from inholland; leave the netherlands; step out of my comfortable zone to begin a new journey. no need to look back again.

well, that’s a short reflection of mine. happy new year everyone. wish you all a happy new year.



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