changi airport

it’s me reporting from changi airport. after about three weeks staying in indonesia, im now on my way back to amsterdam. the itinerary is to fly from surabay to singapore and then to amsterdam. the transit takes about 9 hours, but, that’s relatively short compare to the facilities here.

im now at terminal 2, blogging from a broadband internet access. there are apparently two types of free internet access here. one is free for only 15 minutes. the other one is free for unlimited time. the speed for unlimited access is impressive. i have no difficulties whatsoever in accessing any website. the panel is futuristic, supported by panasonic, so it seems.

there are plenty of shops here. this place is a heaven for those so-called shopaholic. they can find any kinds of goods, perfumes, tie, even traditional clothes at this airport. this is just so cool.

the owner of this airport also provides free entertainment. free xbox 360 corner and free movies. would you believe that? this place is indeed the seventh heaven for them who love going out and spending their leisure time.

the interior design of changi airport is incredibly amazing. you’ll find a beautiful combination of modern and traditional design. it even has a garden inside the airport. one of the things that schiphol doesnt have.

for passengers who need to move from one terminal to other, a train sky is available. it is really helpful for us. so that we dont have to walk from one place to another at all times.

well .. it looks like i will have no difficulty to spend 8 hours transit here. a nice experience to have, before sitting for 15 hours on KLM and back to the cold amsterdam.

changi airport.
11 december 2007


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