(again) about malang

it’s me again, still running from malang. what i want to review right now is about internet cafe in this city.

back then, i used to visit primanet. it is an internet cafe close to the heart of the city. back in 2004, i reckoned primanet as the fastest internet cafe in the town. even better, it also offered food and beverage (well that’s a standard offer actually, but still) to its customers. the cafe also provided special section for smokers and non-smokers. that was another plus to stay there for a couple hours.

now, primanet still provides customers with the same offers. but, i find that its browsing speed is absolutely slow. you can only surf comfortably with only one tab open. once you open more than one tab, you wont be able to surf anymore.

fortunately, there is another internet cafe, which i consider very fast for indonesian internet connection. the speed is almost the same with my connection in the netherlands. it’s called simply box, located nearby local museum here. in addition to its fast connection, simply bix offers soft drink, bread, and of course music to keep the customers companied. it opens 24 hours and has a special offer. it is called insomnia offer. the price is 8000 rupiah to browse the net between 9pm and 6am. too bad i dont have the time to utilize this offer.

so, im glad to find this internet cafe. i can at least browse the net with ease and do not get frustrated because of slow internet connection. more importantly, this place is quite cheap. i think around 4000 rupiah (about 0.5 euro cents) an hour. that’s considerably cheaper than the rate of internet services offered by some five-star hotels, which reachs 2.5 euros for an hour.

well that’s for now. i think this is my last post from malang, as im returning to the netherlands in the coming days.



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