back in indonesia

holland education fair ended last weekn. since then, ive been staying in my hometown. these days, it is about 2 hours driving from surabaya.

nothing much has changed since i left this place. well, there are two additional plazas here. the first one has been up and running for quite a while. and the other one is still on the building process.

i went to the first plaza yesterday. it wasnt as “wow” as i’d expected before. the interior layout was just too simple and didnt show an impressive design. i hope the other one would be much better than that.

what else? umm internet cafes. we indeed have some new ones right now. one of them even has an original vista os on each pc. to accommodate the need for original software, the cafes opted for open source programs, such as the products of sun system.

i do see some sign of economic downsize in this city. comparing to the situation a few years ago, the changes do not look promising. there are less theaters, several shops are closed, buildings with poor maintainances, and more. all these are quite worrying, in spite of the increasing number of housing and plazas.

well, this is all for now.


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