November 28, 2007

im now waiting for the boarding call of the flight to yogyakarta (if you don’t know where yogyakarta is, please check google map). together with me is a group of 30 participants of holland education fair. we are going to promote our universities in yogya tomorrow.

yogyakarta will then be our third city in the last few days to be visited. i have promoted inholland in jakarta and bandung. the result was okay. the only remark is the number of visitors in Bandung unexpectedly more than Jakarta. that was quite of a surprise, considering that there were not many potential students visited the fair in bandung last year. i was expecting a boring day. it was a busy one, instead. but, no complains about that. i like doing this job.

in bandung, i met fellow communication students from parahyangan university and also one of their lecturers. we did some brief conversation and talked about each party’s education system. it turned out to be interactive, energetic, and interesting talks. we had some good understanding, in spite of difference in learning communication. we ended up exchanging email addresses and promised of sending many emails in the coming days. well, this break was actually a blessing for me.

why was it a blessing? because, im currently involved in a project which in one part covers the area of comparative study of communication program worldwide. so yea .. i was lucky to be there and meeting them. it is 15.47 right now. im boarding in three minutes. so, see you next time in another entry.



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