november 23, 2007

Here I’m, sitting in a spacious room in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s the first time I’m visiting this country since my departure to the Netherlands, more than 3 years ago.

The flight from Amsterdam was good. I slept almost the whole time. Got the news of England defeat when in transit in Kuala Lumpur international airport. That was absolutely devastating. Too bad for them. But, that’s life. Steve Mclaren already got sacked within the 24 hours after that embarrassing lost. Anyway, I spent the 1.5 hours after that on the plane to Jakarta.

Soekarno – Hatta international airport was more or less the same as back then. It just became more crowded. Once my feet stepped out the airport, I instantly recognized something, the air of Jakarta. It didn’t change that much apparently. The next 30 minutes were spent on the way to the hotel. It was busy due to preparation for upcoming jazz event at the same place.

Well, that’s the journey in short. I’m here now preparing myself for Holland Education Fair, which is going to officially start tomorrow morning. There is only technical briefing taking place later this afternoon. That’s about it for now.


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