national curriculum, november 9, amsterdam

hey …

it’s me again. running from opera this time. this entry is about existente students. i wanna share a little story around their national curriculum in amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.

if you dont know what national curriculum is, it is a national meeting of existente students, which takes place periodically. for 2007/2008 academic year, the first was in the hague in august. the second one was just about two weeks ago in amsterdam.

during national curriculum, they talk about tips on finding job in the netherlands, what to expect from prospective employers, interviews, and more on how to deal with rejection, and so on so forth. the session in diemen last time was quite interesting though. but, that came after a long-boring-not interesting-unpractical presentation of high demand of technical students in the netherlands. it would have been much more interesting, if only the presenter took the perspective of asian students in explaining the situation.

the presentation from one of the existente alumni was much more interesting. he explained practical stuff that he went through to find internship and job in the netherlands. to tell you about it, it is very difficult for asian students, especially indonesian, to be hired as an employee in this country. from his presentation, some companies didnt even care enough to apply for working permit and a few of them couldnt afford the minimum salary, as required by ind (the dutch immigration organization). but, i saluted him for eventually getting hired at vodafone in maastricht.

well, ’nuff about the presentations. they also went on canal cruise around amsterdam. it was pretty cool. you can see the pics taken that day on this link. too bad the weather didnt cooperate with us. otherwise, it would be much more enjoyable.

we ended the day by having dinner at indrapura (an indonesian restaurant located at rembrandtplein). the food was good. the service was even better. so no remarks on that.

so, that was a little story around the national curriculum of existente students in amsterdam. the next one is gonna be in the hague (again … ). and we will visit madurodam, where the mini holland is.



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