At the beginning, this article has showed you the difficulty in finding out someone’s real identity. The given example has pointed out how visual appearances can deceive the others easily. However, this difficulty is not exclusively only for the others who look inside into his personality, but the person himself may find the same or, perhaps, even more problems in formulating his own identity.

In the case with me, the second part of this article has pointed out the development of my identity in the last four years. The discussion in that section somehow supports the idea that identity is a fluid concept that constantly changes throughout different periods of time. Arguments in that section also show you the effect of environment on one’s perception on how the world works.

My current identity is somehow reflected on the latest marketing campaign of “WE”, as discussed in the third section. Its tag “I’m a little bit of everything” fits perfectly into the concept of treasuring human emotions. The preceding discussions have also informed you the contradiction that somehow taken place in my situation. Although the commercial and campaign have successfully put “WE” on top of my brand awareness, it is not successful in turning me into a frequent buyer of its products.

This paragraph ends the whole analysis and discussion on the personal and brand identity. It expectantly provides you with knowledge on how a brand develops its identity and the effect of the meeting between the brand and one’s personality. Suggestions and feedbacks are welcome in order to produce better analysis in the future.

Autumn 2007


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