brand analysis

While the previous section focuses on my personal identity, this part develops the idea of analyzing “WE” clothing line. My first contact with this brand goes back to 2004. At that time, this brand looked different from the others just because the name, “WE”.

The name (and the logo) “WE” instantly stole my attention and simultaneously bounded me with it. That because the word “WE” brought a sense of togetherness, which was not offered by others. It simply stood out and immediately became top clothing brand in my mind. It was apparently just the beginning of something bigger.

In 2007, “WE” came up with a tag “I’m a little bit of everything” for their marketing campaign. “WE” then struck me with its commercial. A video clip was filmed based upon the tag. It showed a passionate couple in their late 20s – early 30s on their daily life. The video portrayed how this couple went through their days. They were sometimes childish, romantic, or perhaps angry with the other. It was made in a way that looked very similar to the audience may also be going through day after day, a life full of turnaround of emotion/feeling. Part of the lyrics from this video is as follows:
I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
I’m a child. I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint

Enjoy the video here:

By showing different types of emotions, this video sends out a clear message of different characters of individuals within each person (in this case, me). For example, there may be more than one “me” appeared in day: the nice “me” at work, the passionate “me” with my love, or the angry “me” when meeting someone annoying.
Aside from the commercial itself, another contact with this concept was made by watching the making of this video clip on CNN television. The program showed the concept development, the involved actors, the band (Room Eleven), the dance guru, and behind the scene activities. All these ingredients made this commercial as one of the most memorable clips in mind.

Some snapshots from the video are also shown in the store in form of banner. These banners are designed in a way so that people can see different statement from different side. Thus, for example, in one side, the banner shows the message of “I’m a bitch”, meanwhile from the other side, it has “I’m a lover” as the tag (these are two of some tags “WE” came up to support the main tag, “I’m a little bit of everything”).

The concept of that commercial also reflects back to the slogan of “WE”, i.e.: WE is ME. Although it sounds grammatically incorrect, this slogan does convey the message of the company. It, personally, wants to inform the message of there is more than one personality that may appear anytime on a day, depending on internal and/or external factors, on every individual. This message will reveal itself instantly when one relates this slogan and the commercial.

Related to discussion in previous section, I do see the reflection of myself in this commercial. Different versions of “me” may indeed appear within one day. Additionally, this video highly values human emotions. This is simply the same with me. As mentioned in personal analysis, the value of human emotions is personally very high. Therefore, once this marketing concept was watched, the connection with it was instantly made.

That connection has also somehow led me to see “WE” store in a different way. I do think that the concept is resembled in the way the clothes and accessories are located in the store. Although other clothes shop also put their products in a same way, but I only feel fit in when being in “WE” store. That is perhaps because only “WE” who comes up with the idea to approach its customers as “human”.
Having said that, it may sound that my brain has been totally washed with the commercial and other marketing campaigns of “WE”. However, that is not completely true.

Due to all these campaigns, “WE” has indeed become one of the top brands in mind. Should there someone ask me the brand with which I associate myself, I would instantly answer “WE”. However, that does not turn me into an impulsive buyer. In a matter of fact, I have only three or four products of “WE” until now. That is more because the difficulty in finding the right size for me.

The fact about the number of “WE” products I have becomes the end of this brand analysis. This has shown you the meaning of the commercial, products, store of “WE”, as promised in the beginning of the report. To wrap this section up, the most important point addressed here is the reflection of my personal identity with the marketing campaign of “WE”. This has therefore created a strong link between the brand and me. The last part of this article will wrap up the whole discussions in a nice short conclusion.


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