Guessing someone’s identity (such as age, nationality, etc) is not always easy. It often happens that we end up having a wild guess, which may be completely different from the right answer. Take for example myself. From a small “research” carried out on my last birthday (September 2007), 4 out of 5 people (randomly picked with
various age) thought that my age was between 24 and 26 years old. The result was somehow some way off the truth.

As it is now, knowing even the first layer of someone else’s identity is already difficult; let alone the inner parts. However, it is not always easy for one to understand himself either. A question of “Who am I?” is therefore often asked, especially by those who do reflect back on what have happened. Who am I? How
do I become who I am now? How does the difference of living abroad and in my hometown influence my mindset? All these questions – and some more – are from which the first section of this article evolves.

After that, this article goes on analyzing a brand. How does it affect me? What are the meanings of the commercials, products, store location, etc for me personally? Discussion on that section relates to the content of the previous part in a way to show the connection between individual’s identity and the brand’s. For your information, analysis in this article develops based upon personal own experience. Therefore, the feeling, the impression, and other contents may different completely from the others’.

This article ends with a conclusion to wrap up the preceding discussions. It hence provides you with a red line that bonds all parts. The beginning of that line starts in the following page.


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