2 more weeks

imagine u’re approaching the end of a project, but u’re not even sure that it’s gonna end well? even worse, you dont even know if u can beat the deadline. add also the fact that you have two side jobs, and let alone your own personal life. so, what you feel and what you are going to do?

well, luckily enough, it’s just two weeks from the end. and two weeks after that, i’ll be coming home. uuh … after years in wilderness, i finally go home, on business trip though. hihih, in a business trip! sounds that im so important and having a really good position. but yea, that’s what im doing in 4 weeks from now, flying back to indonesia. cool …

i dont know with you, guys. but, i have a strange feeling in my stomach. it’s as if butterflies were flying around in it. by then, it’ll ve been almost 3.5 years since the last time i was there. many things have obviously changed. either my friends, my hometown, parents, and more importantly, myself. im curious to know if i even still fit to live there.

well o well .. the last sentence above is actually the reason for me to write down this post. i want to document this feeling and concept in mind to later compare it when im there. i hope the outcome will be interesting though.



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