… again about mentor and mentee

the first wave of ESN mentees arrives!!!

finally!! after months of preparation, continuous campaign, mentor recruitment everything mingles together for this day. ESN mentees are arriving. 4 came yesterday and the day before. another one is coming today. the number may look low, but there is a lot of fun in it.

dutch mentor meets foreign students, interacting, helping them out in adjusting to new environment here. some funny stories evolved these days. somebody paid too much money for train ticket, a question on how to flush the toilet. limitation on using debit card from other country, and more to come i believe. well, these are things that perhaps familiar for those who have lived here, but not for the newcomers. thus, it’s nice to help them out to be familiar with this new environment.

to continue quality mentors (i), i find that having experienced living abroad helps building the character of quality mentors. this experience makes them know the feeling of being stranger in a country. it therefore gives them ideas in helping their mentees, what to do, what to say, what to show, etc.

hey, if you want to check ESN Diemen’s website, please feel free to visit us at http://www.esndiemen.nl. our website is developing. more sections to come, with obviously some more pictures of mentors and mentees, mentor gathering, and other activities of ours.



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