esn mentor recruitment system

esn mentor recruitment system

this scheme briefly describes the mentor recruitment process of ESN Diemen. this system has hitherto helped us to recruit more mentors than required. quite an achievement for our organization, which is still very young.

we focus our effort in approaching the candidates personally, through presentation in classes. it is by far the most effective way to recruit mentors until now. i’m still not so sure why that happens. but, probably, because we present everything directly, the candidates also feel the value of joining such activities.

the most important value in our activities is cultural integration among foreigners and local Dutch students. this is particularly to avoid clash of culture, which has happened several times.

back to the scheme, after taking decision on which application is acceptable, it is followed with holding mentor meeting. this is kind of induction process to esn organization. once again, we inform the mentors over esn, activities, and their responsibilities.

lastly, evaluation obviously needs to be made. it is to improve the running system. the next round of recruitment is therefore going to be even better.

this is a brief overview of esn mentor recruitment system. any comments are welcome.

diemen, 25 july 2007


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