… super duper june …

hey hey hey …

it took more than half a year to me to update this blog. o la la, my bad. i’m such a bad blogger indeed.

at least, i have chance to do that now. some new interesting features are available now. that’s cool. i can see more and more variety in blogger consequently.

oh ya .. pls don’t get surprised at the colors of this blog. since the on-going trend these days is creating a green world. i wanna do it here as well. thus, everytime people see my blog, they would remember how bad this world has become. hahahahh … jk. i’m just mumbling around now. actually there was no special reason behind these colors. i just wanted to put it there.

ok then .. that’s for now. i hope six months won’t be the interval between this post and the next post. hehehehe …



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