… in the middle of the night …

dunno why, but I really want to write something tonite about this feeling …

the story began probably almost 2 years ago … time has gone so fast without I could even realize it … well, I met her for the first time here in this country … I can’t quite remember how I knew her, but what I do remember is the first impression when talking to her … she can speak almost fluent Indonesian, and it was really really impressive ..

well okay .. it was around third quarter of 2004 … and as far as I can remember, nothing happened. Until that day came. It was on x-mas 2004 … and for the first time in my life (until now), my heart was beating so hard when seeing someone’s eyes … it was her eyes which caused me that … it just happened without any specific reasons. Our eyes met each other and boom! my heart was beating so hard like racing with horses …

well … after that day .. the time went on .. and nothing specifically happened between us .. we didn’t even talk to each other. Probably it was only up to saying “hi” to each other … but yeah, I couldn’t deny that her presence did affect my feeling … anyway … as I wrote before, time went on .. I broke up with my GF … since, to be honest I didn’t know what the future of that relationship .. met someone else, got very closed with another friend, although we didn’t have any special relationship … we parted away .. and I kept going on … to face new sunrise every mornings …

but yeah .. tonight is only about her … her name has been in my mind in the last few days .. I don’t know why .. it just happens … It’s not gonna be happening in the real life though .. since I am most likely to bury down this feeling deep inside my heart and won’t do anything about it ..

it’s just a reading … to temporarily put her name off of my mind …


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