long time ago

ck ck ck … it has really been a while since the last post on this page … time goes so fast and today is the last day of my 14th week working as an interne at International Recruitment Office INHolland Diemen …

If you wanna know the school in which I have been studying for almost three years, you can check this website out … www.inholland.nl. It is in Dutch, unfortunately. English version of this website is expected to be available within the next few weeks … dunno how long that’s gonna be ….

Anyway … I’m still looking for the second placement though … I guess it’s part of working syndrome .. once you (or in this case, I), get used to work … I don’t want to come back to school too soon …. Apart from that, I wanna get more money so that I can save to pay my tuition fee ….

well that’s for now … need to prepare myself for tomorrow … There is an Open Day going on from 10.00 – 15.00 tomorrow .. What a nice way of spending the weekend …



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