ehem … so sorry that it has been a while since the last time this blog was updated … yeah, was busy with school in the last month …

anyway, although it was a long time indeed, I didn’t stop writing. Some of them are available on the other blog (this one is in Bahasa), wanna read it? just click here. Thus, if you can read and understand Bahasa, then just take a look on that page, please ….

anyway … it has been mid of July and I still haven’t secured my placement yet … I still hope miracles will happen, thus, I can do my placement here … Oh ya, my room was just being modified in terms of the layout and setting since I got a “new but old” table from Liem … It was actually Nathy’s … so yeah, just wait for her whether I should keep it or not …

Apart from what mentioned earlier, I’ve been following Return of the Condor Heroes for about a month or so … and I can say that I am fond of it … had finished reading the novel as well heheheh …. 🙂 interesting, huh? If you wanna read it, just click here ….

Well, ok … that’s for now … please enjoy your weekend .. wish you all the best …

God bless …


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