Open Day 11 March 2006

Yeah right .. it’s called an Open Day. This event is held regularly by Inholland University Diemen to attract potential students to enroll in courses available in the University.

I believe today was either my third or my fourth involvement in the Open Day. Every time, I explain to the visitors about what International Communication Management is … what the projects are … how we study in this course … so on so forth … This kind of activity actually helps me to develop my presentation skills … Explaining information about something to people, controlling my tone of voice, and what else? Developing my gesture ??? Hahhaha yeah, right. My teacher told me that I made a lot of gestures while explaining something heuheuhe ….

The Open Day today was one of the most memorable one. A friend of mine kept me smiling the whole day (see the pic in the previous post, you can find her 😉 ) … she is just great !!! Beautiful, lovable, cheerful … although I could sense of sorrow …


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